Hill Top Kunekunes

(Pronounced "cooney cooney")

Kunekune pigs are gaining popularity around the world, as they are a smart  and versatile option for small farms, homesteaders, and large farms alike.  Kunekune pigs are known to be sweet companion pigs, gourmet pork producers, and are low impact on the land unlike most pig breeds - making them an all around great pig!

These tasseled, sweet-tempered, medium-sized pigs hail from New Zealand and were kept by the indigenous Maori people. A fun fact - Kunekune means “fat and round” in the Maori language. 

If you would like to learn more about the Kunekune breed, please review the American KuneKune Pig Society website.​


Hill Top's 2021 Breeding Schedule

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Planned Litters

Our Herd

Every pig in our herd is dual registered with the American KuneKune Pig Society (AKKPS) and American Kunekune Pig Registry (AKPR).

We do not sell unregistered piglets, except in the case of meat barrows.

Hill Top Farm is a proud member of the Empire Kunekune Pig Association (EKPA) and Kunekune Pork Producers Association (KKPA), Inc.


Delmar Kunekunes Tonganui 7 - Rosco

Rosco is a Black and White double-wattled boar. He has 5.2% COI.

His Sire is BVF Tonganui 19 - Dirby and his Dam is BVF Rona 13 - Rona Lisa.