Hill Top Meishans

. The Meishan is one of the oldest, if not the oldest domesticated breed of pigs in the world.  Meishans were bred for hyper productivity and prolificacy and to thrive in smaller areas and on rougher diets than other pig breeds. In conjunction with these traits, Meishans have been bred to be extremely quiet, docile and sedentary making them easier to manage than larger or more active breeds.

Meishans were first imported into the U.S. in 1989 after ten years of negotiations with China. They were brought in as part of a joint study between the USDA, Iowa State and the University of Illinois. Only 99 Meishan pigs were imported and they were equally divided (both by sex and genetic profile) between the three participating research facilities.

Under the agreement between the USDA and China, the Meishans were restricted to use in research facilities or zoos until the prolificacy experiments were concluded. Iowa State then dispersed their herd between 2008 and 2010. USDA and the University of Illinois dispersed their herds entirely in 2016. Today none of the original research facilities maintain Meishan herds. It is important to point out that the three research herds spent over 20 years in total genetic isolation from one another and none were inter bred until pigs were in private hands beginning in 2016.

Meishans are currently listed as critically endangered by the Livestock Conservatory. You can learn more about the Meishan pig at the American Meishan Breeders Association website. 


Hill Top's 2021 Breeding Schedule

Imperial - Suyin X Imperial - Bei Bei

Coming June 2021


Our Herd

Hill Top Farm is a proud member of the American Meishan Breeders Association (AMBA). Every pig in our herd is registered with AMBA.

We do not sell unregistered piglets, except in the case of barrows.


Imperial - Bei Bei

Bei Bei (pronounced "Bay Bay"),  means precious treasure in Chinese.  He is a 100% Foundation graded boar with 37.5% USDA, 37.5% UI, and 25% IS bloodlines. 

His Sire is Gods Blessing - Ju-long and his Dam is Blue Tulip Lane - Mei-Yin.