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Spent Brewers' Grain

Spent brewers' grain, also known as draff, is the byproduct from the brewing process where breweries boil the various grains to create the wart. What is left over after this process are all the whole grains, where we get to utilize these highly nutritious ingredients and feed them directly back to our cattle and pigs. 

Spent brewers' grain is high in protein, with averages running roughly 20%, filled with amino acids and various other nutrients vital to the health and well-being of our animals. 

As an added bonus, they taste amazing, and our livestock think so too! 

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The Herd

Our beef herd is primarily made up of Registered Angus and Angus/Hereford Cows. We do all our breeding in-house, where our resident bull, Remi, a Registered Low-Line Aberdeen, protects his herd 365 days a year. 

Unlike a traditional Angus, the benefits of our genetic variation of incorporating the Low-Line/Aberdeen blood, produces a cow that is about 3 inches shorter than a standard Angus cow, easier on the pasture (less soil compaction), and a higher yield of beef per animal that is processed for production. 

Our beef is fork tender and buttery smooth with our proprietary blend of fermented/spent brewers' grain added to their diet while on pasture.